Wood Vs. Faux Wood & Polyurethane Shutters

Traditionally speaking most homeowners elect to have blinds put into their home as opposed to Orange County shutters. This is primarily due to the difference in cost as shutters tend to be much more expensive than blinds. Many homeowners also tell you that blinds require far less care and are cheaper to replace should the need to do so arise. Despite blinds being more popular than shutters, in recent years there has been a shift in the paradigm due to the low costs of shutters that are made from materials other than wood.

These “faux shutters” are made from a number of different materials. Some are made from fiber board with acrylic coating while others are made from solid resin and vinyl. Even better, individuals who want the low cost of a faux shutter but are afraid that they won’t look like wood or will look less than spectacular needn’t worry. Shutters made from materials other than wood are for the most part indistinguishable from their wood counterparts. Additionally the majority of faux shutters fit better in windows then do traditional wood shutters.

Perhaps the greatest contributing factor in the rise of faux shutters is the fact that they’re far more durable and reliable than traditional wood shutters. While it’s true that some very expensive top-of-the-line wood shutters are coated with UV inhibitors the majority aren’t and as such they are often damaged over time after prolonged exposure to moisture, heat, and indirect sunlight. This is especially true of middle and lower grade traditional wood shutters as they have no protection and can begin to rot, crack, peel, and chip after only a short amount of time in the home.

In direct contrast to their wood counterparts, faux wood shutters and those made of polyurethane are extremely resilient and resistant to things like moisture, heat, and sunlight. Polyurethane shutters for example are an excellent choice when a homeowner is looking to put an attractive looking shutter next to a sink, bathtub, or shower. The excessive moisture will not harm these types of shutters. Faux wood shutters made of fiber board and covered with acrylic coating are extremely resistant to prolonged sun exposure. While these are an excellent choice for owners who want an extremely durable long lasting shutter they are rather heavy so it’s not recommended they be used for tall and wide window spaces.

Regardless of the type of Orange County shutter you choose, and there are many, you should seriously consider selecting a material other than wood for your next set of shutters. Doing so will not only save you time, money, and maintenance but it will also ensure that you don’t have to buy new shutters again for extremely long period of time. Best of all, these new technologies and materials allow even those on a small budget to select shutters over blinds.

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