Zelda 3 Parallel Worlds Remodel – 01

So far this remodel is far better then the original Parallel Worlds. Enemies are far easier to kill and backtracking has been kept to a minimum thankfully. T…


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Updated: November 29, 2013 — 2:43 am


  1. I was trying to do everything as quickly as possible because I hadn’t
    realized that I could upload videos longer then 15 minutes until about the
    3rd run through. Plus my upload speed is horrible so every second counts.
    Was I the first to upload a video for patch?

  2. Isaix Luna diviner

    I tried to patch that game with Lunar IPS like usual with the US rom of a
    Link to the Past,but for some reason it doesn’t work and its not my first
    time with Lunar IPS I use it a lot,how did you patch it?

  3. I PM’ed you directly because youtube apparently hates having links posted
    in the comments section. Also I updated the video description in case
    anyone else has this problem as well.

  4. I’m stuck at the graveyard can anyone help me? I already passed the first
    dungeon, explored the lost woods, and as much as I could past the endless
    beach. Side-note: I’m at the entrance to Parallel World’s cemetery dungeon
    but the small tombstones and a big block (lift-able) are blocking me.

  5. Thank you; I feel so stupid. I completely forgot about it! It’s been years
    since I’ve played ALttP.

  6. I’ve had an eye on parallel worlds for quiet some time and wanted to play
    it very badly, but I sucked a lot at the original hack because of the high
    difficulty level. Today I started to play the remodel after finishing A
    Link to the past just yesterday and I have to say I enjoy this new version
    a lot so far – the difficulty level feels fair again, so amazing work and
    I’m looking forward to further make my way through the game, will be a lot
    of fun.

  7. Where’s the hammer in Remodel? It wasn’t in Nayru’s Bay (the red boomerang
    was in the chest instead).

  8. You get it later, so don’t worry about it. Using the hammer in Nayru’s Bay
    only gives you a shortcut (for said dungeon).

  9. the reason why they made this was because the origional was too fucking hard

  10. There are 2 different versions of this game. Look at the dialog at 3:12. It
    says, ” rescue a person from the guardhouse prison.” In mine it says,
    “rescue someone from the guardhouse tonight.” What I need illusionarynight
    to do is read that little silver thing with the arrow pointing up at the
    foot of links bed. Mine says, “”Parallel Worlds has been remodeled by
    PuzzleDude. Version 1.1. August 2012.” Since the dialog is different from
    my version there are 2 different versions of this game.

  11. Hi. im thinking of buying Parallel Worlds. But your opinion is the regular
    version over this one? I’m going back and forth so i’m asking around to
    make sure i get the best version.

  12. Are you talking about Parallel Worlds vs. Parallel Worlds Remodel? If you
    are I would take Remodel over the original every time. Also what do you
    mean buy? Where are you buying this from?

  13. Ok is it just because the original is to hard? Because i read that in
    remodel there is alot less back tracking and better save system. I buy
    repro games like Secret of Mana 2 and a couple of other games from Timewalk
    games. Google it and you find their site

  14. I didn’t like the original because it wasn’t any fun. Any mistake you make
    damages you for a lot of hearts, while not give you replacements. It kind
    of forced you to be perfect and use a lot of save states. I would never
    suggest buying the cart for the original hack unless you are a master or
    just want it for your collection. Ah thanks, I forgot all about Timewalk

  15. Ok last question 🙂 The difficulty in Remodel is the same or close to the
    same as the original A Link To The Past? Because if so then it’s Remodel
    for sure.

  16. both of these are free, you don’t need to buy them.

  17. I know 🙂 But nothing beats the feeling of playing on real hardware.

  18. Ok well then thank you for the info. Remodel it is. Although it will be a
    while before i get it because there are a few other games from Timewalk i’m
    gonna buy first

  19. You should know, that the authors of this game dont support selling carts
    and are against any internet rom uploads. Parallel Worlds and Remodel are
    freeware IPS patches, designed for emulators only. It was never meant, that
    the game is to be involved in any monetary action. PS Only a few people on
    this planet are capable of beating the original Parallel Worlds on real
    hardware (since there are no save states).

  20. It took me 11 days to complete Parallel Worlds on a REAL SNES, four of
    which were spent just trying to reach the first save point… I don’t agree
    with this patches nonsense though, Id like to have tried out the “Remodel”
    version but the dumb patches cant be used with a Mac and can only be used
    with a PC, not much use if you don’t have a PC is it… 🙁

  21. What do you mean. IPS patches are mandatory. No site on the planet will
    host an actual ROM. It is illegal to put a ROM on a public site. Once you
    get an IPS, patch it to Original Alttp. But you need to get the Alttp rom
    yourself, since nobody can legaly get it for you. Once patched you can do
    whatever you want with the smc (you dont need a PC to play it, you can use
    PSP, Wii, DS, or Mac (snes9x for Mac etc), Linux… for free). No need to
    buy anything.

  22. Just go and play normal Parallel Worlds.

  23. What’s the purpose of a game if it isn’t difficult?

  24. Difficult – good Ball-busting – not so much

  25. hi, can you tell me where to get the hookshot?

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